Welcome to the Campaign Website For Torrey J. Bauer for Judge of Kosciusko Superior Court 2

Hello, My name is Torrey Bauer and I want to serve you and the residents of Kosciusko County as the next Judge of Kosciusko Superior Court 2.  Presently a majority of Kosciusko Superior Court 2 caseload is criminal law related. However, with the requirement that county courts have a more balanced and weighted caseload it is inevitable that in the near future a greater percentage of the courts caseload will involve civil law matters.

I am the only candidate for this office that has practiced Criminal and Civil law on a fulltime basis in Kosciusko County over the last twenty-three years. Accordingly, I have the practical and legal experience which is required to continue the effective administration of this vital court.

I trust this site will be informative and helpful and provide you with necessary and useful information as you consider whom to support for this important elected Judicial position.

Please remember to vote on May 6th
in the Republican Primary and remember:
"Experience Matters" and "Your Vote Matters."

Kosciusko County Courthouse

Kosciusko County Courthouse

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